Mariska Appelman (21-12-1968) was the youngest female broker to be sworn in in the Netherlands. She has a down-to-earth, earthly slant in which she is open to spirituality and everything that reaches further than you can see with the naked eye.

She was in her early twenties when she entered the world of money, power and – unfortunately also – inauthenticity and impropriety as a real estate agent Despite this, the profession fascinated her and she was touched by the stories at the kitchen table. During her cultural, international travels she also became acquainted with a great diversity of people. It gave her an important insight into today’s society. She became aware of the unsustainability of the current economic system and the need for a revolution. From the West Frisian clay on which she was born, she moulds her insights into a whole and makes them practically applicable. In her own way, her own STYLE Mariska Appelman wrote the book Economy of Love based on her experiences. To raise awareness and to jointly roll out her vision towards a holistic economy within a winged society.