The book Economy of love reads like an autobiographical novel in which Mariska Appelman slowly, but surely and effectively unfolds a vision for a new society based on love, transparency and authenticity.

The many kitchen table conversations she had as a broker and her trips abroad provided Mariska with special insights She met diverse peoples, cultures, individuals and collected opinions. It was this diversity that confirmed her conviction that we are all one. That all opinions together form the shared truth.

Her life path unfolded her life mission: to realize a sustainable society A local economy within a village that is self-sufficient and locally owned. From the master-mate-apprentice principle, each individual comes into their own. Based on a shared truth, they develop the disc of four: education, health care, ecology and economy. Together they create a holistic society with energetically balanced people. Where everyone’s talent is truly recognized and where self-realization is the highest goal.
As a broker of society, Mariska unfolds her vision in goose flight. She brings the shared truth to the table for a winged society.

The book contains beautiful life lessons from a down-to-earth girl from West-Friesland in the Netherlands. By trial and error she learns what life has to offer. We read how setbacks not only hurt, but also make you stronger. How relative material wealth is, how important the people we care about.

Stef Blok,
Minister of Foreign Affairs